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Lesson plan ideas linked to Standards
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Strategies to Develop Resilience 1 S. Cantner Strategy#1 in the article is to Build Empathy.  How do you help children to build empathy at home and in centers?  Some ideas include: a feelings board where children can check in and say how they are feeling when they arrive at school each day, or reading a book which identifies feelings and how to manage them.  One popular example is When Sophie Gets Angry...Really, Really Angry by Molly Bang
by S. Cantner
Monday, November 14, 2016
Lessons to build resilience 1 S. Cantner Let's begin with Social and Emotional Development Strand A: Early Learning experiences will support children to develop trusting healthy attachment and relationships with primary caregivers. This Strand contains two learning progressions: Trusting Relationships and Managing Separation (pg. 26 of the CT ELDS). It is the beginning of the school year, and many classrooms have welcomed new friends and teachers. What strategies have you used to help children manage separation from their parents/guardians and develop trusting relationships with their new primary caregivers?
by S. Cantner
Monday, October 3, 2016


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